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Employee Discounts

Employee Discounts

The following list of perquisites describes the educational, cultural, recreational and other opportunities available to University employees and their families.

On Campus Values
Sprague Library
Employees and their families may register for borrowing privileges at Sprague Library with a valid Montclair State ID Card. At registration, patrons must provide their name, address and telephone number. For more information, visit the Sprague Library website or call 973-655-4288.
Student Recreation Center
Employees may purchase memberships or guest passes to the University’s Student Recreation Center and pool. For more information, please visit Student Recreation Center membership information for Faculty/Staff.
Ben Samuels Children’s Center
Montclair State University Employees and their families receive a reduced rate for child care on campus. Full-time or part-time programs are available and may be customized to meet your child care needs. The Children’s Center is located at 80 Clove Road and accepts children from 3 months to 6 years of age. Fees are based on the age of the child and the program selected. For more information about the Ben Samuels Children’s Center’s programs and fees, call 973-655-7177.
Computer Training
The Office of Information Technology offers Computer Training at no cost on a space available basis to Montclair State University family members with a valid ID card. For a complete list of available sessions and programs, visit the Information Technology Course Registration page or email
Dining Services
Dining Services invites you to “Join the Club.” Faculty and Staff can now purchase meal plans. It’s easy, provides value and convenience and you can deduct the cost from your payroll check. For more information, please visit Dining Services’ Meal Plan information for Faculty/Staff.
Transform Your ID Card into “Red Hawk Dollars”
Your ID Card becomes a “debit card” when you enroll in the Red Hawk Dollars Program. Use your ID Card in lieu of cash or checks to purchase items and services at on-campus facilities. The Red Hawk Dollars Office is located in the Student Center, Room 162. For more information, call 973-655-7431.
University Lectures and Presentations
Montclair State University families are invited to attend University-sponsored lectures and presentations on campus. A valid ID card is required for some events. For information on upcoming events, view the University Events Calendar.
Tuition Waivers and Reimbursement
To view policies on Tuition Waivers and Reimbursement for Montclair State University employees and their dependents, visit Tuition Waivers.
Off Campus Values


Blue365 is a free health and wellness discount program for employees enrolled in a Horizon medical plan. The program offers employees significant savings on gym memberships, wearables, weight loss programs, hearing aids and more.

Blue365 Overview


Factor is a meal delivery service that provides gourmet meals that are fully prepared and ready to heat. Employees can receive 65% of their 1st box and 20% off their next 4 boxes with the discount code Montclair2024.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a meal kit subscription service that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipes to customers each week. Employees can receive 65% of their 1st box and 20% off their next 4 boxes with the discount code Montclair2024.

State Employee Discounts

To express appreciation for the valuable service New Jersey State employees provide, the Civil Service Commission provides information on various companies offering discounts on goods and services to current NJ State employees.

For a list of available discounts and information on how to obtain them, visit the State Employee Discount Program page.

Employee Wellness Programs


The State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) offers a voluntary employee wellness program called NJWELL. The program is designed to help and reward eligible employees and their covered family members for completing activities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources provided as your schedule permits. For more details or a list of recorded webinars visit the NJWELL website.

Wellness Highlights (pre-recorded)

  • Living in Uncertain Times: This webinar will provide tools for managing your emotions, talking with coworkers about sensitive issues, and taking care of yourself and your family.
  • Stress and Mindfulness: Learn how mindfulness is the key to stress management, and how it can impact your eating habits, behavior and physical activity.
  • Managing Your Money in Tough Times: Today’s financial times have changed, and in this session, you’ll learn helpful financial practices to help you stick to a plan.
  • Stress and Nutrition: Learn ways to manage stress and what foods will help or hinder your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Staying Healthy: Get a quick overview of the importance of self-care, along with health tips for reducing your risk of contracting COVID-19.
Vaccination Resources

Every Shot Counts – Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccines: Our best shot at stopping COVID-19 has arrived and we realize you may have questions and/or concerns about these new vaccines. This digital brochure provides you with information you can understand and trust about the COVID-19 vaccines.


Please contact the Benefits team, at for any questions related to these resources.